Distance Learning Note

  • "Homework" will look very different during Distance Learning and will solely consist of finishing up work assigned weekly through Google Classroom.

English Language Arts

  • Reading/Literacy Journal: Nightly reading (4x a week) for 25 minutes and a written response. Students will read from the same book each night and during class time until it is finished. Please DO NOT ask them to read for longer than 25 minutes out of this book. If you would like them to read for a longer time period (which I strongly encourage), please have them choose a different book. This is very important because I look to see how their thinking about the text changes over time which requires them to come back to a text over and over again after a break. A reading log will be completed each time the student reads and a written response may or may not be assigned as well.
  • Writing: This is usually covered in class, however, there may be leftovers that are brought home if they were not able to finish during the given time.
  • Word Work (Grammar/Spelling/Vocabulary): This is usually covered in class and will not have much homework.


  • Generally assigned each night (Monday-Friday). Students do not have a traditional text book. They will be using a consumable text that contains both in-class work and homework. The book is broken down by chapter, so there are 13 small consumable texts. Homework is generally assigned with 5-10 minutes left of the class time so that students can get started and ask questions. Some students are able to complete the work during this time, but it still should be brought home for parents to check.
  • Times facts (0-12) should be mastered.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies will have homework on occasion. Students will read from their textbooks and then engage in group learning projects. Students may also use a "Student Guide" instead of their textbook. The "Student Guide" for the current unit should be in the child's binder.


  • Science generally does not have homework. Students have their science notebooks in their binders though and parents may look at them at ANY time. Just be sure to leave them in the child's binder. When the unit is over, finished work will be sent home in the MESH.
    • Students have access to their texts through Engage Science website.